I recently had the opportunity for an early read of a book that's coming out in October 2013: RECLAIMED by Sarah Guillory. I really enjoyed it and offered a blurb for promotion. Here's what I said: "Packed with atmosphere and surprises, Reclaimed is one of those rare books that kept me guessing throughout and inspired an immediate reread."

Tiffany Schmidt, author of SEND ME A SIGN, said this: "RECLAIMED broke my heart, changed my mind, and I couldn't turn the pages fast enough."

Kirkus Reviews also had nice things to say about the book. (Their full review will be available two weeks before the book's publication.)

I hope you'll check it out in October! In the meantime, Sarah Guillory is giving away two advance reader copies of RECLAIMED, in which she's hand written her insider notes for the lucky winners. She is also giving away a copy of my first novel, FREEFALL, and SEND ME A SIGN by Tiffany Schmidt. Please click here to enter the giveaway and to learn more about Sarah Guillory and her debut novel!