For the next few days, I'm a participating author in the Spring YA Scavenger Hunt! With 50 authors participating, all sorts of exciting things are going on including major giveaways and sneak peeks at exclusive content from all 50 of us. Here's the stuff that I'm directly involved in:

1. I'm hosting author Suzanne Lazear at my blog, who shared a playlist, as well as a short video she made.

2. I'm having an international giveaway where two entrants will each win both of my books. (You do not have to be participating in the scavenger hunt to enter!)

3. I've provided exclusive content to author Rachel Carter for her blog. You can read texts from Coley's phone in Live Through This, as well as listen to recorded voicemails from Reece and her mom.

Everything wraps up and will be taken offline at noon on April 7, 2013, so if you'd like to participate in the Hunt, check out the exclusive content, or enter to win books at my blog, hurry, hurry, hurry!