Today, The Current, a CBC radio program, was discussing "Teen Sick-Lit." (A term that I hope to never type again. Ugh.) The broadcast opened with a bookstore worker talking about teen books that she thinks are important, and one of them was Live Through This! The LTT mention happens about two and a half minutes in, and I was very pleased to get the shout out.

You can listen to it here. *Just a warning, if you haven't read Live Through This, and intend to do so, there is a VERY MAJOR SPOILER in this broadcast, so you might want to hold off.*

I do want to say that the discussion itself covers a lot that has come up in past regarding concerns/defense of literature for teens. I was very much in agreement with the teen correspondent and bookseller who participated. I think teen books that reflect real issues faced by real teens are crucial.

My favorite essay on this topic was written in 2011 by author Sheman Alexie: Why the Best Kids Books Are Written in Blood