I have bookmarks to give away! Did you know? Probably not, since I've had them for a couple of months and kind of forgot to tell anyone. My friend Shaina made them for me. The bookmarks look like this (gold pillow, not included):


I know you're thinking that they sure are pretty and that you'd like one of the Freefall bookmarks AND one of the scribbled on Live Through This bookmarks, right? Here's a secret: The bookmarks are dual-sided. So, if I send you a Freefall bookmark, you automatically get the signed Live Through This one, too, because it's printed on the back. And vice versa, obviously.Yay!

So would you like a bookmark? Or two? Or even three? If, yes, please fill out this form to include your name and mailing address and I'll mail them over! It'll be a Happy New Year 2013 gift from me to you.

(If you're an educator, librarian, or bookseller and would like to distribute some of my bookmarks to your students, patrons, or customers, there is a place on the form to indicate that, as well.)

One more thing, this giveaway is for U.S. and Canada addresses only. Because, you know, international shipping costs a lot of money. Sorry!