Two years ago minus three days, I received finished copies of Freefall and wrote up a blog post comparing the book with the ARC. 

With Live Through This, I have both a hardcover and a paperback version of the book to show you, so I'm going to leave the ARC out of the discussion. (I will say, though, that I think the biggest differences this time are that the cover on the finished book is matte and the pages themselves are beige, while the ARC's cover is glossy and the pages are white.)

So here are the finished books!


The hard cover, obviously, is on the left and the paperback is on the right. They both feature the blurb from Stephanie Perkins at the top, and are close to the same height. Also, they are the same number of pages. From what I can spot, the interior pages in both versions are identical in every way, so if you're talking with your friend about the Miley Cyrus quote that you read on page 89 (for example!), it should be the same, no matter which version you have.

Things start to look a little bit different when you flip over to the back:


With the hardcover, we have the blurbs from Mandy Hubbard/Amanda Grace and Jo Knowles in much larger print than the paperback, since they take up the majority of the content. The back of the paperback is busier: small blurbs up top, the (condensed) book summary, as well as lots of tiny print about the design and such at the bottom. With the hardcover, the summary and all the tiny print appears inside on the jacket flaps, of course. 

There are actually a few slight differences in the book summary from hardcover to paperback. The paperback is more concise. Neither of these summaries match what's on my website or Goodreads. Amazon and other booksellers happen to be using the catalog summary, which isn't like any of the summaries that you can find elsewhere. (I think I'll probably go ahead and edit my website and Goodreads to match the hardcover's summary now that it's for sure final.) Also, the tagline appears on neither version! Live Through This doesn't appear to have a tagline.

Here's a look at the back flap of the hard cover sitting beside the last page of the paperback:


My picture didn't get used anywhere appear with Freefall, so this is kind of cool. The picture that appears in the books is the same one that appears at the top of my blog.

Here are both styles of Live Through This on the shelf beside Freefall:


As you can see, Freefall is their shorter (but still sexy) little brother. (And, yes, I adore Courtney Summers and her books. ♥)

The only thing I would have liked to see different on the Live Through This spine is my first name, like Freefall has. I like Elizabeth Scott, Kieran Scott, and Michael Scott very much, but I'd prefer to see Mindi Scott's books in the right place on a store shelf rather than potentially mixed in with the books of another YA-writing Scott, you know? Oh, well.

That's all the stuff that I can think of to tell you! I'm super excited that the finished copies are ready and will soon be available for YOU. I'm also really glad that Live Through This has format options for readers. Me? I'm actually a paperback-loving girl, so the hardcover will mostly be chilling on the shelf looking cool while the paperback and I go off and have the time of our fricken lives together. :-)