I'm looking for something and my many, many Google attempts haven't helped in the slightest.

There was this song I used to hear as a kid. A song that my older cousins would play on cassette tape in the mid-80s. A song that might or might not have been called . . . "My Nuts."

It was rap? I think. Here's my best recollection of the lyrics:

        My nuts man, what do ya think?
        My nuts!
        [instrumental?] (doo-doo-doo-doo)

        Me and my nuts are two best friends
        He don't do nothing else by hang with me
        Whenever I'm in trouble, man, you know, he just hangs there!

        My nuts, man, what do ya think?
        My nuts!

        [Female voice or a male voice speaking in falsetto]: Anybody want some cheeeeeeeese baaaalls?

Obviously, there was more to it. Well, I think there was. Anyway, it wasn't a very classy song or a very good song. But I think about it sometimes. I've talked to my husband about it and he's sure that I made the whole thing up. Did I?

Edit: I didn't make it up! Well, not all of it. @SarahSMoon gave me the answer. The song is "My Nutz" by Fat Boys. It's both so much better and so much worse than I remembered it.