It's now 2012, which is exciting to me for this major reason: my second novel, Live Through This, will come out this year!

In case you don't know, I spent January 2 through November 18, 2011 working like crazy on this book. I first started it in January of 2010 and worked on it some throughout that year, but the debut of Freefall that autumn was a huge distraction. My progress was much slower than I (or anyone) would have preferred.

My agent officially sold LTT in February 2011, and I then worked on writing and revising it almost every day after that. My editor's turn-around on my drafts was so fast each time that I literally had only about three weeks when I was truly on a break from it in almost eleven months. I have a feeling that when I look back on 2011, it will be even more of a blur than 2010 was!

Live Through This is slated for release October 2, 2012. The day before my birthday! It's going to be a simultaneous hard cover and paperback release, which is very, very exciting. I've now seen the cover (and I adore it!) and I've read the summary that my editor put together. I'm assuming that I'll be able to share those in the next month or two since ARCs should be out around then.

Another thing I'm excited about for 2012 is the new book I'm working with my friend, Michelle! We're having a great time putting our ideas together. Obviously, it's too soon to talk about it at all, but we've both been using lots of exclamation points while chatting about it!

And one more thing: I was invited to join the Girlfriends' Cyber Circuit. What this means is that I'll have another opportunity to get to know and network with some fabulous YA authors. I'll be highlighting some of their books on my blog periodically with feature posts and/or interviews. I can hardly wait!

Happy New Year, everyone!