I was Googling myself just now (and not to find reviews of my book; I swear!), and I happened across a brand-new review at LitFest Magazine. The reviewer compares Freefall to S.E. Hinton's The Outsiders, which I find very interesting. I actually read The Outsiders after I finished writing Freefall because a instructor told me that I should pitch mine as "an updated Outsiders." :-)

I really like this line from the review:

[T]he plot is the entire denouement of a story that climaxed approximately three months before the book begins, but that also means that the whole story is uplifting, and a good companion piece to current campaigns to help teenagers get through high school alive and in tact.


I think that sometimes the cover art and jacket description make people think that the book is going to be depressing, so I think it's cool that this reviewer found the story to be the opposite!