This past week, Dwayne and I both came down with the same cold symptoms within hours of each other. From what I know about virus incubation periods and such, it would seem that we were exposed at the same time. In the twelve years that we've been together, I don't think this has ever happened! Usually, if one of us gets sick, the other might become sick after several days or not at all.

At first, I thought it was going to be kind of fun. I mean, not that being sick can ever be fun! But we'd get to share our misery, which means that we'd get to be all bonded while hanging out being weak and stuff. It even started out great with a joint trip to the drug store to pick up Puffs Plus tissues, throat lozenges, vitamin C, and other cold symptom remedies. Whoo hoo!

Things pretty much went downhill from there, though. These days of illness happen to have occurred during my time off from my day job, so I've stayed home and worked on my manuscript as much as I could tolerate being upright. Dwayne, however, has been working his regular job, doing a side job, gallivanting off to make a major purchase, and meeting a friend for a movie.

I'm coughing and sneezing and snotty and feverish and he's acting like this is just an average week. When I say, "ARE YOU REALLY EVEN SICK AT ALL," he's like, "Of course, I am. *weak cough* I just have things that I have to do."

I have things to do, too. But I can't because I'm, you know, too busy being sick and miserable and stuff.

I mean, seriously.