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“Highlighting the dark (and yet acutely relevant) side of high school today, Scott brings to the table heavy issues that are impacting teens with a storyline that reads as real as life itself. With characters that ring true and a journey that proves honest, Freefall is no doubt sure to be one of the best contemporary young adult books of the year.– New York Journal of Books

"Scott does a remarkable job capturing her characters and making them come to life. The reader will feel the depth of the characters and care about what happens to them. The novel is well-written with a realistic storyline that stays focused on the characters and the events that bring them together." 5Q/4P – VOYA

"Scott's well-crafted debut reads like a John Hughes–style romantic comedy filtered through a study of teenage grieving... Seth's slow discovery of his own potential keeps the story moving and entertaining." - Publisher's Weekly

"This is a realistic novel with compelling issues depicted as they are in life. With this first novel, Scott proves herself a formidable talent in the field of YA fiction." -Booklist

"Seth's character is fully realized, without the burden of too much introspection or weighty insight to bog down the pace of the narrative. This is a solid exploration of what you can and can't do to help your friends, built on top of an engaging story of boy meets girl." -Bulletin for Center of Children's Books

“Freefall is a great story about growing up, facing your fears, and learning to communicate. Set to a background of rock music, beer, and magic eight balls, Seth McCoy is a modern day Lloyd Dobbler without Lloyd's creep-factor.” – Shaun David Hutchinson, author of The Deathday Letter (via Goodreads)

"Freefall is a fantastic read for teens, as Mindi Scott has provided a life saver for teens who feel like life is against them. Through her gritty and realistic writing, she's does a wonderful job at tackling the tough situations teens face. Through Seth's character she gives the reader hope that no matter what our situation in life may be, we have the power to take charge and change it, or continue to free fall into it.” - Katie at Mundie Moms

“A wonderful addition to contemporary realistic YA fiction. Raw and vivid . . . real and matter-of-fact.” – Melanie at Reclusive Bibliophile

“Freefall is exhilarating—I laughed out loud, I was turning the pages like crazy to find what would happen to Seth next, and I enjoyed it from start to finish. This debut is made of win.” - Tiger Holland at Tiger’s All-Consuming Books

“It isn't often I stumble upon a book that deals with such a serious concept, and yet come away feeling light and airy once I've completed it. I fell in love with Freefall from the first few pages. It is a book that I know will stay in my heart for a very long time.” -Jessica at A Fanatic's Book Blog

"Freefall was absolutely amazing and is definitely one of my favorite books of all time." - Katie at Just Call Me Bookworm

“A raw but well written view of high school years and young love that will keep you captivated until the last page.” - Amy J. at My Overstuffed Bookshelf

“The relationship between Seth and Rosetta was carefully paced and beautifully written . . . they've definitely become one of my all time favorite ‘couples.’” - Amber at Just Your Typical Book Blog (via Goodreads)

“Amazing, simply amazing. This is one powerful YA novel.” - Crystal at My Reading Room

"The drama, intrigue, and romance was all realistically portrayed and I applaud Mindi Scott for tacking so many issues shied away from in YA lit today. I definitely recommend reading Freefall come October. It's an emotional and fantastic debut that will tug the heart strings of every reader." - Kelsey at The Book Scout (via Goodreads)

“I often have a difficult time relating to male narrators . . . I should never have underestimated author Mindi Scott; I found it remarkably easy to empathize with Seth.” – Sara at The Hiding Spot

“A beautiful and haunting debut that should not be missed.” – Kapri at Book Fanatics

“While Mindi oozes sweetness in her vlogs and tweets, her writing is full of angst and guilt and pain in the best possible way. Scott never hides from any of the painful emotions, drinking or drug use. Instead, she describes all of Seth’s vices with a beauty that allows the reader to feel empathy for him.” - Erika Lynn at Kiss My Book.

"The world of FREEFALL is beautifully realized. I could really see the small Pacific Northwest town and get a sense of the types of people that lived there. (Plus, I always give bonus points to a character living in a trailer park and not being a cliche stereotype.)" - Valerie Kemp, YA Writer

"Even at his worst moments, there is still an endearing element to Seth and I completely empathized with this boy. The changes he makes are astounding, well paced, and perfectly build, making Seth a very three dimensional, raw character." - Kari, A Good Addiction

"This book is a phenomenal introduction for new author Mindi Scott. All the characters come alive and seem multi-faceted." - Challenging the Bookworm Blog