I can't promise that this is going to be interesting. But it is a list of things I've been doing, in case you've wondered:

1. Receiving awesome emails. When I was writing Freefall, even when I was waiting 17 months for it to come out, I didn't really think about fan mail or have any expectation that I would receive such a thing. But it does happen! And it's always so wonderful! The emails I receive--and especially the ones from teens--really make my day. ♥

2. Eating stuffed peppers. Last week, I invented my own recipe for Mexican-inspired stuffed peppers. This week, I invented a recipe for Asian-inspired stuffed peppers!  I still think that Italian-inspired stuffed peppers are my favorite, but it's nice to have options. (I didn't post a picture of my latest creation because it sort of went splat on the counter when I was pulling it out of the baking dish with tongs. Maybe another time.)

3. Trying to win U2 tickets. I wanted to win U2 tickets for my friend Matt's half-birthday. Yesterday, I listened to the radio all day while I was writing and texted "U2" a number of times every hour when they'd play U2 songs. The closest I got was when I was #105. I needed to be #107. Only afterward did I realize that he probably already has tickets to that concert. Still. It would have been nice to win. I tried so hard!

4. Exercising. I'm going to the gym . . . sometimes. And doing a yoga workout video with a friend once a week. We've also invented chat-yoga, which is when you roll out your mats and sit or lie on them. Then you talk for an hour or two instead of doing the workout. Fun! (But such an activity can cause disapproval at times from husbands, it seems. Ha!)

5. Working.  Between my job and Live Through This, the book I'm writing, I'm working long hours without a day off in sight. I'm talking seven days a week, eight to twelve hours a day. It's, um, what's the word? Exhausting. Yes.

6. Writing. This goes along with #5, but it's such a big thing right now, I wanted it to have two mentions. Also, I said this really funny/sad thing to Dwayne right before he fell asleep last night that shows you that writing is kind of making me lose it a little maybe:  "Hey, you should kiss me because I'm writing a kissing scene tomorrow. Um . . . I mean, because we love each other!"

Have a great weekend! I'll be, you know, working. I'll also be taking a couple of hours off to see my husband's band on Saturday night at King Cat Theater in Seattle. It's all-ages, so if you're in the area, come on out! I think Alabaster is going on first, between 8pm and 9pm.

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