I'm still sad about my kitty, Oz. It's been rough around these parts, and in the (edited) words of My Chemical Romance, "I'm not o-KOMO4ing-kay."

But blogging about sacks of sad isn't great for anyone, so I've made a list of things that I've enjoyed this week:

1.  100 Shows a Year blog. I know this guy named Jim who is a big-time theater geek in NYC. He sees over 100 performances a year and started a blog this past January cataloging what he sees as he sees it.  I am not a big-time theater geek, but I love reading what he has to say. Truthfully, I'd probably be entertained reading his grocery lists, but since he happens to post about shows, those are what I read instead!  They are often my favorite updates that pop up in my GoogleReader during the week.

2. Planet Fitness.  My trial membership in Aim To Be Fit Boot Camp ended recently.  I really loved going and definitely gained strength and muscle, but I can't afford to continue at this time. Dwayne and I joined Planet Fitness, which is a brand-new gym in our area. It's very affordable. I've gone only one time so far, but I think it's going to be an okay alternative. It's nice to be able to run beside Dwayne for once. He runs up to nine miles an hour, while I'm at about half that right now.  At the track, we run separately, but on treadmills at the gym, we can be together!

3. Damn You, Auto Correct!  This site takes submissions of the hilarious misunderstandings that crop up from typos and the auto correct function on phones. A good portion of the text conversations are (unintentionally) super vulgar, but I read them and laugh and laugh and laugh. I never get tired of them; even some of the ones I've read before continue to amuse me on rereads.

4. Book report for Freefall by PoshDeluxe at Forever Young Adult.  The Forever Young Adult blog is one of my favorite book blogs out there. Their tagline is "for YA readers who are a little less Y and a bit more A," which is totally me!  I find that I have very similar book taste to some of the reviewers, and like them--and many other women my age--I credit Regina Morrow from Sweet Valley High as being reason #1 why I never got into drugs. Anyway, PoshDeluxe a.k.a. Sarah read Freefall, gave it a BFF charm, rated it a seven on the swoonworthy scale, and is going steady with it! I'm really, really happy about all of these things. :-) 

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