I do this thing where I watch movies and TV shows and then analyze the characters to decide which is most like . . . my cats.

No, really.

So, for Star Wars, we have Darth Neko, Princess Niña, Angelus Skywalker, and Oz Solo. For Arrested Development, Neko is Lucille (obvs), Niña is Lindsay, Angelus is Buster, and Oz is Gob.

When I do this, I have to base it on their personalities and not on their relationships to each other. Otherwise, Oz (the one Neko babies) would have had to be Buster even though Angelus acts more like Buster.  Also, it might bother me that Princess Niña and Oz Solo are supposed to be in love and all when they are biological sister and brother in real life. (All of our cats are related. Neko is the mother of the other three.)

I've sorted them into Hogwarts houses (and figured out that we have one cat in each house!). I once figured out which of the Four Elements they each would represent, but I've now forgotten. Sad for you, I know, because you were very curious.

Occasionally, this entertaining game extends to humans, too.  Last night, I was pondering a writing thang. Dwayne said to me, "You'll pull it off. It's going to be great."

I said, "How do you know?"

He said, "Because you're talented, that's how."

I thought about this a bit and said, "Well, you think so. And Liesa [my editor] and Jim [my agent] think so. That makes you all, like, my holy trinity."

At that point, of course (OF COURSE), I had to decide who was who.  Dwayne called dibs on being the holy ghost because he didn't care to be my father or my son. Which is silly because in the biblical trinity, the son wouldn't be MY son. But I heeded his concerns and let him be the ghost.

I then had to choose which role to assign the other two. After careful consideration, I decided that Liesa is the father simply because I've known her longer, which makes Jim the son.

It was a relief to get that settled.

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