Dwayne told me about a thing he heard on NPR several weeks ago about memories. Now, I haven't heard the interview/report in question, but from what I remember of what he told me about it, memories change every time you recall them. You forget details. You add details. You change details.
So the memories that you recall the most often (say, your wedding day or a particularly wonderful or terrible experience) are the most tainted.  Your memories of a person or an event that you haven't thought of in twenty years might be more pure and more accurate than those that are the most important to you!

Again, I haven't heard the NPR thing myself and this story has been on my mind, so I've recalled it many times already.  It's possible that my memories of what he told me aren't quite right.  Still, I think about it often now and wonder what I'm remembering incorrectly.

This morning while putting cream cheese in celery sticks, I was reminded of a book I read in middle school.  It had a bullying/trying to fit in theme. I remember that the girl's name was Melissa, but she went by Lissa. I remember that the most popular girl in her class had an exclusive lunch club called Funchies, which is a nickname for Fun Lunches. Funchies was invitation only and the girls took turns bringing something for all the girls in the group to share at lunch. Lissa was not cool enough to join, but when she FINALLY got the invitation, she brought celery with cream cheese.

All of these years, whenever I make celery with cream cheese, I think of this book.  (Annoyingly, I can't remember the title!) But did she really make that?  Was the group really called 'Funchies'? Wouldn't Funches make more sense?

Another thing. Every time I think of Justine Bateman, I am reminded of the phrase, "You're such a f***ing adult!"  In my memory, "adult" is pronounced like AD-ult.  (When I say "adult," I always pronounce it, uh-DULT.)

Dwayne was watching the movie SATISFACTION yesterday. I asked, "Hey, did she tell Liam Neeson, 'You're such a f***ing' AD-ult!' yet?"

He said, no!  What she actually said was, "For an AD-ult, you're really f***ing stupid!"

(At least, I think it's what he said that she said. That was yesterday, after all.)

That really blows me away. I remember being a young girl who admired Justine Bateman for her role on Family Ties.  I was very surprised that she said what she said and it's always stuck with me.  But, as it turns out, I only had part of it right. 

It's just so bizarre! 

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