Remember when that contest was going on in December 2010 (all the way back then) where two lucky entrants won copies of Freefall and scarves knitted by the author of Freefall?

Yeah, so, what the author failed to mention is that she isn't much of a knitter and hadn't even picked up needles in, like, six years.  And, in fact, she was promising stripes even though she'd never knitted a scarf that wasn't a solid color. 

What was she thinking?

Anywho.  Her first attempt at a Hufflepuff scarf fell apart.  Literally.  It was a sad, sad day because she had spent SO MUCH time making that thing and it was totally done and then very bad things happened. As it turned out, though, its purpose was to have been a practice scarf.  It taught her how to do several knitting things she'd never done (such as changing colors and removing messed up rows).  Hooray!

And now new scarves have been made and will be sent away to the winners:


Oh, and look!  Here are those same scarves modeled by the author's husband and resident Gryffindor type as well as the Hufflepuff-ish author who happens to be mixing stripes with polka dots with more stripes.


What a time, what a time.

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