Back in December 2010, Kari at A Good Addiction did a post she called "Ladies and Their Tramps" with a list of characters for whom she'd done some unique matchmaking.  In that post, she paired up Kendall from Freefall with Harlin from Suzanne Young's forthcoming A Need So Beautiful. Today, in her newest edition of Ladies and Their Tramps, Kari has put Rosetta from Freefall with Lend from Kiersten White's Paranormalcy. And now poor Seth is all alone!

Hey!  Do you think Kari's trying to find guys for all the Freefall girls so she can keep Seth for herself?  ;-)

Seriously, though, it's so fun for me to see how these characters can live on in readers' imaginations outside of the constructs of the book that I wrote!  And these posts definitely make me want to check out A Need So Beautiful and Paranormalcy so that I can see if I agree with Kari's matchmaking!