It's no secret that Kari at A Good Addiction is a fan of Freefall.  I've known it since she first read the book and told me so.  She's also posted other features since. Last week, it finally clicked for me just HOW MUCH she loves it.  She did ten Best of 2010 lists for different categories.  I was surprised and happy to see that each day when she posted a list, Freefall kept showing up. It made five of her lists.  That's huge! I am so grateful for readers like Kari who have connected with my book and told others about it!

#3 of 5 on Top 5 Contemporary Novels

#1 of 5 on Best Male Characters (Seth)

#5 of 10 on Best Writing

#5 of 5 on Best Female Characters (Kendall)

#2 of 10 on Best Debuts