Freefall was recently featured at three of my favorite book blogs, which is always very fun for me to see! 1.  Melissa at YA Book Shelf made a list of recommendations for people who would like to buy books as gift for the teens in their lives.  She suggested Freefall, as well as Losing Faith by Denise Jaden, as books that deal with the death of a loved one.

2.  Amber at Just Your Typical Book Blog made an end-of-the-year video counting down her Top 10 Books of 2010.  I'm thrilled that Freefall is her #3!  Here, you can see the rest of Amber's list and watch the short video she made that contains a short phrase or two about why each book was chosen.

3.  Kari at A Good Addiction wrote a fun post called "Ladies and Their Tramps" in which she did some matchmaking for a few of her favorite fictional girls and boys.  Kendall from Freefall was paired up with Harlin from Suzanne Young's forthcoming A Need So Beautiful.  Check out the other new couples from Kari's imagination here!