Remember, like, eight Fridays ago when I said, "I'm not going to do Friday four or five anymore.  I'm going to do List Friday so that my lists can have as many items as I want!" and then I made one or two Friday lists and stopped doing List Friday?  Well, I'm making another attempt today!

Commercials that Have Stuck with Me

1.  Morgan Freeman's narration of the emotional Visa advertisements during the last summer Olympics just about killed me on a regular basis.  I cried every time I watched the Derek Redmond commercial.  I cried while thinking about the Derek Redmond commercial.  I cried when I told people about the Derek Redmond commercial.  And just now while collecting the embed code from YouTube, I watched it and cried some more.

2.  I'm a vegetarian.  The only things I order at Jack in the Box are chocolate milkshakes and mozzarella sticks.  Still, Jack's irreverent meat-loving in the commercials cracks me up for some reason.  I especially love this one where Jack's son reads an essay about how he wants to become a vegetarian when he grows up.

3.  The PSA about how Parents Who Use Drugs Have Children Who Use Drugs is pretty much my favorite commercial ever.  I've never really understood the dad's behavior, and when I was a kid, he actually kind of freaked me out.  But the son's frustrated comeback?  AWESOME.  I use this phrase all the time in my real life.

Husband:  Why did you open the mail and leave it all over the table?
Me:  I learned it by watching YOU!!!!

What are some of the commercials out there that have stuck with you?

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