I've been blogging once a week this month for LITFEST Magazine.  My final entry went up today:  How Buffy Ended My Quarter-Life Crisis. Here are the others that were posted this month:

Glutton For Punishment (about being a vegetarian) How An Opening Band Stole the Show . . . and My Heart (about my first trip to NYC) Life Above the Basement (about living with a drummer)

It was a pretty fun gig, writing for a website that doesn't belong to me.  I mean, I was still writing about myself and my own opinions and such, of course.  But when I post on my own blog/website/Twitter/etc., there is definitely a different tone.   I tend to assume that the people who are reading my words at my own personal corners of the internet know me well (which actually isn't the case a lot of times, I'm sure).  For LITFEST, I'm pretty sure that NO ONE knew me, so I kept that in mind for every essay.

If you had a chance to check out the blogs, I hope you enjoyed them!  And I do believe they are still giving away a copy of Freefall if you email or leave a comment on one of the entries.  Good luck!