Look! Another Vlog!  With all the book release and events excitement, I keep forgetting to post these.  But here you go!

Fun facts about this video:

1.  The theme is "What's in the Box?"  In it, I pull various mementos from boxes and discuss their significance.

2.  I haven't watched this vlog.  Back when I was posting these every other week during the summer, I was becoming desensitized to that whole seeing-and-hearing-myself-on-video thing.  As it turns out, just a few weeks of not doing it can make that anxiety come back with a vengeance.  And, in fact, the reason I didn't post this last week isn't because I kept "forgetting" like I stated above.  It was actually because I couldn't bring myself to watch it.

3.  However!  Even though I haven't watched it, I do remember it being the easiest of all the vlogs for me to complete.  Almost every scene was done in just one take.  As I recall, I was speaking more naturally and in a less rehearsed way.  Whether this comes across as better than the others, I don't have any idea.

4.  As it turned out, I had a lot to say about things in boxes.  There is a What's in the Box (Part 2) video coming out tomorrow!

5. One of the boxes that I discuss includes all of my items which are relevant to Freefall.  I think it's in Part 1 (since Part 1 is longer), but don't hold me to it, okay?

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