I'm still recovering from the past few weeks.  These events have been mostly very good and my use of the word "recovering" sounds mostly bad, but I don't mean it like that.  I'm really just trying to get caught up on stuff, get a new routine going, and change some of my old habits moving forward. 

This is my new life--starting today, actually.  My post-book-release life.  My gotta-get-back-to-my-manuscript-or-I'm-going-to-explode life.  I'm feeling my way around it.  Life and the manuscript. 

Seth McCoy, That Kid in That Book I Wrote That One Time, has a tendency to distract me in every possible way at every opportunity.  Until I opened my files today for my current manuscript, I couldn't even remember my new character's voice.  I'm happy to report that she does have one and there are some good scenes here.  Now I just need MORE of them.  More, more, more.

On a different note, here's an email exchange from today:

Matt:  I bought a couple books the other day.  Are you going to sign them this weekend?

Me:  I think I am.  But only if they're books that I wrote.  ;-)

Matt:  Those are the only kind of books that I buy!

Me:  Awesome!

(Of course, he's totally lying because he buys lots of books not written by me!)

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