The day after the Books of Wonder event, Dwayne and I went to Simon & Schuster where I got to meet and hang out with lots of people there including my publicist, the Freefall cover designer, Pulse and Aladdin editors, and the "service team."  (In quotes, because that isn't their official job title, even if it's what they sometimes call themselves.)

Here's the sign that announced my visit to all:

And this is me with my agent, Jim McCarthy, and my editor, Liesa Abrams standing in front of a Freefall display in the lobby:

(Next to me and Liesa, Jim looks like the tallest man IN THE WORLD, am I right?)

After chatting with everyone for about an hour or so, I went into The Studio to film my author video which will be posted on the Simon & Schuster website at some point.  I answered questions about the book and myself.   I've heard that these guys edit these to can make anyone look like a pro, so it should turn out pretty well, I think.  Ha!

After that, there was more chatting and a few of the employees--and my editor--had me sign books for them.  Which still feels weird.  I don't have a problem with just signing my name in books, but writing notes in them feels wrong.  My handwriting is awful and I feel like I'm ruining the books!

Anyway, it was a lovely visit and I'm looking forward to going back again someday. Thank you to Jim for accompanying me and to everyone at S&S for being so welcoming!

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