The other day, my friend   took me out on a mysterious field trip to Bellevue Square to celebrate the birthdays of Freefall and me. 

When we arrived, she let me know that this trip was inspired by my love of Anakin Skywalker.  Then she took me to Build-A-Bear Workshop where they have adorable Star Wars themed clothes to outfit the bears and other animals!

We each put together bears.  I got Anakin, of course, and she got a blue bear with the Han Solo outfit.  It was a fun little process.  The animals aren't stuffed when you select them.  You get to choose which one you want and then the employee takes you over to a machine where the stuffing happens.  You make a wish on a little satin heart that goes inside, choose the clothes, fluff the fur, and have a birth certificate printed up in the store.  We also got sound boxes put inside our bears' hands so that when you squeeze, the Star Wars theme music plays.

Awww, isn't my Anakin bear cuuuuute?  I thought this was a really unique gift idea and a fun activity for nerd-girl grownups like us! 

Thank you again, , for the lovely outing!

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