Yesterday was the big day, of course.  Dwayne called seven bookstores in advance and then drove me to them so I could sign all the stock on hand.  There were four Seattle area Barnes & Noble locations (Alderwood, Downtown Seattle, Northgate, and University Village), which each had four copies.  There were three Borders locations (Lynnwood, Everett, and Downtown Seattle), which each had between one and three copies.

Here is me at the Lynnwood Barnes & Noble, signing copies of Freefall:

We didn't take pictures at the other locations because, you know, it was all the same thing again.  Overall, the experience was surreal, but certainly not filled with excitement.  Most often, we were in and out in about five minutes.  The employees at every location were very nice to me, but they were also very busy doing their jobs. 

For future books, I probably will opt to wait a week or more to do something like this so that I can be sure the books won't have to be tracked down.  But since this was my first book, I really wanted to make an event of release day, so I did.  And it was a lovely, lovely day!

Oh, and here's proof that my Magic 8-Ball is a truth-teller:

Yes, that is a veggie hot dog on a stick!

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