And okay, I lied.  Today is actually not Rex Manning Day.  It is a big deal for me, though.  For today is Freefall's official "On Sale Day!" 

A book  that I wrote is now resting on many, many bookstore shelves (and in boxes in bookstore back rooms, no doubt) all across the United States.  It's kind of, you know, the biggest accomplishment of my life.

This is a picture of me taken on Friday, October 1st, seeing Freefall at a bookstore for the very first time:


I look like I cried off all my makeup, but really, I wasn't even wearing makeup to start with.  If I had been, it totally would have been the situation, though.  Promise.

In a few hours, my escort (aka my husband) will travel with me to complete a Signing the Book Stock "tour" around Seattle.  I still need to select a pen for this purpose!  And decide what to wear!  You would think I'd be ready, wouldn't you?  I've had 17 months to prepare!  (Or 33 years plus 2 days, if you truly want to get technical.)


Oh, and here's a huge pile of links in case you want to see where I've been online lately!  I really should have been keeping up and posting these daily.  Sorry!  I hope you'll want to check some of them out anyway!



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