I almost forgot to blog today!  Which would have meant that I would have failed in my attempt to blog every day in September!

But, phew.  I remembered and now here I am.

With nothing to say.

La la la.

I've tried really hard this month to write about things that aren't FREEFALL.  I know that I slipped up a few times, but those were really important, right?  (Ha!) 

I have to admit that this has been a strange, strange, strange time in my life.  A wonderful time, but still very strange.  For the past 17 months, I've been waiting for my book to come out.  I have thought about it every day of my life for 17 months straight.  (And also?  I thought about it every day for 18 months straight back in aught-six and aught-seven when I was writing and revising it.)  I've never experienced anything like it.  I mean, sure, I've had to wait for things to happen.  Summer vacation, graduation, stuff like that.  But there's never been anything like this for me.   It's hard to focus on other things.  I'm ready for the book to be out there--which is good because there is no turning back!   I can't really seem to think beyond one day at a time.

I deliberately set up this week as kind of a do-nothing week.  I'm pretty much done with all my interviews and guest blogs.  I've been off work since Tuesday this week.  I'll be working on Monday, the day before the book officially comes out, but that's mostly because I thought I'd be really distracted if I had to stay home alone that day.  So from yesterday though Sunday, I'm just chilling. I'm doing laundry, cooking, reading, and trying to NOT STRESS OUT.

So, yeah, that's everything I'm up to right now.  What about you?  :-)

Oh, and in case you're wondering where I've been online today, here are the links:

Blog tour:  An interview by Sarah at the Hiding Spot

FREEFALL Story Secrets with Holly Cupala, author of TELL ME A SECRET   (Leave a comment there before Monday for a chance to win a copy of FREEFALL.)

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