I was always young-looking for my age.  When I was 13, I looked 11.  When I was 21, I looked 16.  My face could never keep up with my real age, it seemed.  Which wasn't a bad thing.  It was mostly just annoying in my early-20s when bouncers would try to turn me away at clubs and tell me that my I.D. was fake.

I'm now a few days away from being 33.  I'm not sure how old I look to most people (and seriously, no need to tell me!), but apparently I look at least 33 to one woman in my town.

On Friday, Dwayne and I went to the high school football game (which we LOVED).  On our way in we passed various adults giving out thingamajigs:  A pamphlet for a woman running for judge, golden-yellow signs that read "GO SHORECREST"  on one side and had info regarding a voting initiative on the other, etc, etc.  After we grabbed our sign and rushed past the others, a woman called out, "Excuse me, Shorecrest parents!"

She was addressing us, and she wasn't phrasing it as a question.  She seemed certain that we were parents.  Parents of high school students! 

Technically, yes, we could be.  If we'd hooked up with I was 17 and he was 19 and then I got pregnant and had a baby when I was 18 and he was 20, we could totally have a 15-year-old son or daughter right now.

And that?  Is just alarming.  I mean, I've pretty much known since I was 16 that I'll never be an actor.  But now that people think I'm grown-up age and not teen-age--that I would play the mom in a movie -- my world is a bit askew.


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