My blog tour with Teen {Book} Scene started TODAY!  Which means that my book comes out in eight days.  Eeeeek!

There will be fifteen stops over the next few weeks with contests, interviews (with me and with a character), guest blogs, an excerpt, and a deleted scene.  I'll be sure to link to the next stop here every day.  I'm also going to have other interviews popping up, so I'll link to those as I find out about them.

The very first stop on the tour is at Erika's blog, Erika Breathes Books.  And there! 

You can view the book trailer for FREEFALL! 

(I'll embed it on my website later in the week, but I wanted Erika to have the exclusive today!  :-))

Fun facts about this trailer:

1. Madison at M² Productions put it all together based on my notes about the characters.  I'm not really visually artistic, so it was cool to get to see someone else's take on the things in my book!

2.  I originally didn't want Seth's face to be shown, like, AT ALL.  I thought it would ruin my vision of him or something.  But there is one quick, kind of full-on face shot and I didn't freak out about it, so I decided it could stay.

3.  I really love the song Madison picked.  I sometimes have the trailer playing on my computer so I can listen to it.  (I do also have the full-length song now, too.)  I'm not really sure if "Gentle Steel" is a real thing or if it entirely makes sense, but I like the idea of it.  "Your soul is gentle steel:  strong enough to take the blows, but soft enough to remember to feel."

4. I hope you like it!!!!

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