This past weekend, my friend Matt and I made the drive up north to British Columbia to attend Denise Jaden's LOSING FAITH book launch party.  The event was held at The Reach Gallery and upon entry, I spotted this:

Why, yes, those are four Andy Warhol pieces on the wall behind the podium that I snapped from a far away distance while I was testing out my camera with and without flash in preparation for the event.  As you might know, I have an inexplicable thing for Andy Warhol's art and it fills me with joy every time I have the opportunity to see new-to-me pieces.  So no matter what was going to happen for the rest of the afternoon, this trip was already awesome in my eyes.

It only got better and better, though!  Denise put together a very personalized program with a lot of variety and fun.  She had live Polynesian music and dancers from her dance troupe:

Her friend Jerrica Santos performed a song she wrote for Denise about LOSING FAITH:

In addition, Denise spoke about why she wrote LOSING FAITH, read a short except, did a Q&A, and performed her own dance.  I didn't get pics of the dance itself, but here's Denise in costume. Yes, with Andy Warhols behind her.


Overall, it was a wonderful event and I'm so glad I went!  Congrats, Denise!

Oh, and look!  Here's a completely gratuitous shot of FREEFALL, Andy Warhols, and me:

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