My new Vlog went up this week on The YouTube.  This one is about being a survivor of rejection--literary and otherwise. Fun facts about this video:

1.  I was feeling extremely unwell that day. Intern Amanda suggested that we could stop and film on a different day, but I was determined to press on!

2. The location is an abandoned elementary school.  I chose it because I thought it would be quieter than Richmond Beach.  I was right, but all that sound you hear in the background?  That's wind!

3.  As it turns out, abandoned elementary schools are places where many elderly men like to walk their dogs at 10am.  Who knew?

4.  One of these elderly men with dogs asked if Intern Amanda and I were doing an art project.  I said, "Kind of!"  He said, "Oh.  Do you want me to take your picture together?"  We politely declined.