I've spent most of 2010 waiting for things to happen.  And here we are, September 10th, and the things I've been waiting for are finally... happening!

Here's a list of some of the things I've been counting down to:

1.  September 10:  SHORECREST HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL.  Tonight!  Okay, I've actually only been waiting for this since June.  But, man oh man, am I excited!  One of the big reasons is because the girl in my current manuscript is on the dance team at her school and I am looking forward to watching those girls.  But really, this will be our third season of devoted football game attending and it just gets better and better.  Now, Dwayne isn't going to be here for the first game (and yes, I am bitter, if you must know), but my friend Matt is coming with me and we are going to have all the F-U-N. (I wrote more about why I like going to these games here.)

2. September 17:  THE PREMIERE OF THE CLONE WARS.  My favorite TV show.  Because I am in love with Matt Lanter's voice and cartoon Anakin Skywalker is The Sex-ay.  I'll actually be at a football game when the first ep airs (see #1), but I'll catch it on Sunday night instead.  Eeeee!  (Read more of my thoughts about my cartoon crush here.) 

3.  September 21:  Glee.  Okay, you'll notice that this isn't in all-caps like the others.  Because Glee kind of let me down the second half of the first season.  What's up with that? Usually shows will wait until they're into season two before screwing everything up!  Anyway, I'm going to give it another chance here, but I'm a little hesitant, I have to admit.  *fingers crossed*

4.  October 3:  MY 33RD BIRTHDAY.  My birthday gets no love this year because That One Book That I Wrote That One Time comes out two days later (see #5).  But really, it's a cool thing.  Having a birthday.  Getting presents!!!!

5.  October 5:  THE RELEASE OF FREEFALLI've been waiting for this moment.  All my life.  Also?  While I was revising this bugger back in the olden days, I became paranoid that I would die without finishing.  After it sold, I became paranoid that I would die before it would hit the shelves.  Twenty-five more days, people!  If I can survive the next 25 days, Pedro will finally make all my wildest dreams come true. *knock on wood*

Bonus:  October 9-13 will be super-special, too, because I'll be in NYC visiting my publisher and whatnot.  And by whatnot, I mean that I'll be having my first ever booking signing at Books of Wonder!!!

But I have to get through #5 before I can think too much about this one.  ;-) 

Have a great weekend, everyone! 

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