Every tourist shop has them.  Racks and racks and racks of key chains, stickers, shot glasses, jewelry, and such with common names printed or engraved upon them.  For example, you can get a "Lindsey" bracelet (or even a "Lindsay" bracelet).  You can get a "Robert's Room" sign.  You can get "Ella" refrigerator magnets.  You can get "Linda" pens.

You know what you can't get? 

Any of those items with "Mindi" on them.  In all my life, I've found just ONE thing that had my name spelled correctly.  (Most often, they don't have my name spelled incorrectly, either.)  It was a little carved wooden thingy that I got at Disneyland when I was ten that took too many falls from my top bunk and was broken and re-glued and broken and re-glued and is now gone forever.

When my mom takes a vacation, she likes to pick up little things for us kids (and grandkid).  I've always received the name-free stuff.  Until this time!


My actual words after my stepdad handed this to me yesterday was, "You guys are bizarre!"

But actually, it's kind of cool.  And very sweet.  If only my mom had thought to pick up a "Rosetta" heart to go with it!



*For those who don't know, Seth is the name of the narrator in FREEFALL, my novel which is coming out in less than a month.