Just like I do every Monday, I added two journal entries from my teen years to this site.  You can check them out under the "About Me" tab on the front page by clicking on "Read My Old Diaries." This week, 13-year-old Mindi is preparing for Christmas by shopping a lot.  And 14-year-old Mindi is back from her ski trip. 

There is a lot of complaining about being sick of my friends in the latter, which goes along with what I'm always saying about me not being able to live with people.  (Did you know that I always say that?  Well, I do.  My husband is the only person I've really ever been able to live with happily because he totally gets my need for lots of space and time alone.) 

Really, though, this entry from February 1, 1992, is -- to me -- one of the most interesting that I've posted here.  There is a lot going on behind the scenes, a lot of emotions and thoughts that I talk about, but due to the style of the writing in these journals, I don't make you feel.  But I can remember that I was completely floundering here.  Looking back, the "suddenly turned religious" thing might not have been as sudden as I thought.  After all, my mom had been sending me to private Christian schools from third grade on.  This change was not a welcome one for me and it still effects my life over 18 years later.