Dear Carnation, Somewhere back there I lost track of the date, but I think I'm caught up again.  Today I could tell it was going to be terrible when it was time to get up because I was just so tired that all I wanted to do was sleep and sleep.  I eventually got up at 6:55 and breakfast was served at 7:20.

I just really wasn't in a skiing mood today.  The lesson was a drag.  We got a jerk instructor.  His name was Rob and I hated him.  He kept picking on only me and he's like, "You're leaning back to far. I want you to lean more forward in your boot."  I got him though. I didn't do a single thing that he told me.

After lessons, I felt so miserable that I just waited in the lodge for the half hour to wait for everyone else.  It was boring.  For lunch I ate:  a poppy seed muffin, some field berry yogurt, and later in the day, Connor bought me a piece of pizza.  It was really sweet of him, but it made me feel guilty.  Connor has been such a sweetheart today.  He really has.

On the other hand, Evan has been a total jerk.  He makes me so mad that I just want to bop him in the nuts with my ski pole.  I am beginning to hate him so much.

Tara got mad at me today and I'm pretty sure she still is.  You see, I felt sick after lunch so I was just going to ski down to the bottom and sit there for the rest of the day. But I decided to take one run with Liz on the way. But that time, I felt alot better so me and Liz skied together for most of the rest of the day. The thing is: I didn't ski with Tara the whole day.  I guess that I kindof hurt her feelings, but I didn't want to go on any hard runs today. Me and Liz just took it easy.

Bye!  Love ya!