So this is a few weeks overdue, but I attended Karen Kincy's book launch for her debut novel OTHER in July.  The event was fun and very informative!  Karen used the time to give us some of the inside scoop about her publishing journey, her debut novel, and other writing projects from her past and future. 

Now, I had a plan to take GREAT pictures that night because for the previous two book events I'd attended I 1) had a dead battery in my camera and 2) left my camera on my desk at home!  

Well, as it turned out, the camera gods were still frowning upon me because I dropped and totally broke my camera on the morning of Karen's signing.  I managed to get a replacement at Best Buy an hour before the event (hooray for the two-year warranty my mother-in-law had purchased!), but the battery didn't have enough charge to turn on.  Oh, well, right?  I could just use my crappy camera phone for some shots.  Except . . . a search through my purse and car revealed that I'd left my phone at home.

Luckily for me, Amazing Intern Amanda came through.  After various mishaps with her own camera phone, she managed to get some usable shots! 

Here's Karen at the table in front of some of the event attendees:

Here's me, having Karen sign my copy of OTHER:

And here's Sarah of Sarah's Random Musings and me, displaying our copies of OTHER!