I have a vlog!  (Which means video blog?) 

It's my first one ever! 

Here are six fun facts about My First Ever Vlog:

1. The theme is "Firsts."

2.  There is a very short clip of a song by Alabaster, the band for which my husband plays drums, at the end.  Or so I've been told...

3.  I don't sing quite as badly as you might think.  I don't want to talk about it!

4.  The recording was done by Dwayne and the editing was done by Amazing Intern Amanda.  But I imagine that you could have learned that from reading the credits...

5.  Did I mention that I haven't watched it yet? I sort of watched part of it, but then I started (literally) crying with embarrassment.  If you watch the whole thing, you'll have seen more than I.

6.  You may click below to watch it.  If you wanna.

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