I like to post the Goodreads happenings.  So here's another one:

Today I noticed that someone had added another rating for FREEFALL by Mindi Scott.  

I clicked.

I saw. . . ONE STAR!

I gasped (literally) and exclaimed, "One star?!"

I mean, not that one star is unimaginable to me. Some people are going to like my book; some people aren't.  I know that and I'm totally okay with that.  (I really am!)  But I will admit that seeing the first one-star rating after receiving a couple of great reviews and emails over the past couple of days was a little bit jarring.

I investigated further to determine whether there was any clue as to why the reviewer didn't like it.  There wasn't a text review, a link to a website, nada.  That's when I noticed that the category in which FREEFALL was marked was "to-be read."  Ah!  That was perplexing, but reassuring.  Perhaps somehow in adding it to the list, the reviewer clicked the star on accident?  But THEN I saw that most of the books on her list are also marked as "to-be read" and they have ratings attached to them that are all across the board.  Meaning . . . what?  I don't know!

Anywayyyyyy.  I received my first one-star rating on Goodreads today!  It might or might have been intentional and the reviewer might or might not have read the book.  But you know what?  Either way, I can handle it!