1.  I'm going to a  cousin's bachelorette party tomorrow night, which is something I've never done.  I've heard that we are going to have to wear, um, certain things all over our clothes when we go out.  This should be interesting.

2.  I live near Seattle, which is a place where most people don't have or need air conditioning in their homes.  We are, however, experiencing summer-ish weather, and my upstairs office is poorly insulated, so I have three fans going in here.  So far so good. 

3.  We don't allow our cats in the bedrooms anymore because of the horrible mischief they get into.  But I didn't want to keep my office door closed while this heat is happening, so I set up a quicky barrier so they'd stay only on the side of the room where I can keep an eye on them.   Two buckets, a heater, and a broken chair.  Yes, it's about as effective as you'd expect it to be.

4.  I haven't been able to get much (read: any) writing done for weeks now.  Which makes me sad.  But Other Things seem to be slowing down for me right now, so I'm going to get back into it.  Hooray!

5.  And finally, here is a picture of something Kari ( A Good Addiction) did with her FREEFALL bookmarks.  Awwww!