As you may recall, last week I received my FREEFALL bookmarks and demonstrated possible uses for them.  Then I mailed bookmarks to people who requested them.  The bookmarks have now been sent to a variety of states throughout the U.S. as well as to Canada and Philippines.  They'll be heading to Brazil this week, too.

Yeah, they're international.   

Today, I got to see how nonnymouse_ uses her FREEFALL bookmarks:


Love. It.

Thanks so much for sharing the pics, Laurie!  ♥

So, everyone else who got bookmarks, I'd love to see something you're doing with yours!  Send me pictures! ( And let me know if it's okay to post to my blog and if you'd like me to link to your website!)

Oh, and in case you missed the original announcement and don't yet have FREEFALL bookmarks of your very own, do feel free to email me your name, address, and the quantity you're requesting:  mindirochelle AT gmail DOT com