I've written exactly one fan-girly email in my life.  It was on July 12, 2006, and it said this:

I recently took that quiz thang on LJ and got LOOKING FOR ALASKA as my result.  I decided to read it.  And now I have.
I want to tell you that you are a beautiful writer... but what I really mean is that you write beautifully.  Truly.  What an amazing story.
Thank you,


Wasn't I just the cutest thing?

John did write me back, which was really cool!  (This was several months before Brotherhood 2.0 began.)  But it would have been okay with me if he hadn't written back.  Because, really, all I'd needed was the opportunity to tell him how I felt.  It didn't matter as much what he thought about it. 

(Oh, and the quiz I was referring to is something E. Lockhart put together: "Which Young Adult Novel Are You?"  I can't find that quiz now.)

(Also, I'm getting the weirdest feeling of Déjà vu.  Have I posted this before?)