1.  Remember last summer how I was super in shape (well, the best shape that I've ever been in, I mean)?  Yeah, that whole thing sort of fell by the wayside last October when I went on all those trips.  I came back to rain and cold and never quite back into the groove.  For the last month or so, I've been gradually trying to get it back.  Water aerobics once a week.  Some walking.  I'm pretty sore, though.  Why does it have to be so hard?

2.  I wrote a new scene for my current WIP yesterday.  It took HOURS.  Then my husband read it in about two minutes.  *sigh*

3.  I was informed that the reason I always have to pay a "contact lens fitting fee" at the eye doctor is because they are "cosmetic" and therefore insurance won't cover it.  It's cosmetic to be able to see WITHOUT having stylish plastic/wire/whatever over my eyes?  Okay then, buhzitches.

4.  My husband's band, Alabaster, is in Seattle's final round for Hard Rock Cafe's Battle of the Bands tomorrow night (May 1st).  They're in competition to perform in England opening for the likes of Pearl Jam and Sir Paul McCartney.  Yay!  Seattle peeps, come on out and see them!  It's 21+/$5.

5.  My editor sent me an email just now letting me know that my proofreader sent her a note saying she loved my story.  Now I'm all teary-eyed.  It's been gratifying to see readers out there who are responding to the cover and posting about being excited to read FREEFALL.  Sometimes I almost forget that this anticipation period won't last forever.  And for someone to have actually read it and loved it?  Well, that's my most favorite thing ever.