Ever since someone added my book to Goodreads way back whenever it was, it's been a near-daily routine for me to check it out.  I'm always going on there for a few seconds, just to see who else has added FREEFALL to their to-read piles.  It has been very, very fun to see the number increasing and all the people who don't even know me who are interested in reading it! 

About once a week,  I'll fill my husband in on the details.  "Guess how many people on Goodreads say they want to read FREEFALL now!"

He'll throw out a number lower than the actual amount almost every time.  (He must have a sixth sense about it.)  And then I get to say, "No!  [This many]!" 

And then we fist bump and carry on with our day. 

Today something momentous happened on Goodreads.  Today FREEFALL received a numerical rating from someone whom I DON'T KNOW. 

They gave three stars, which is good!  On Goodreads, the ratings are set up so that if you use them properly, 5 = It was amazing, 4 = I really liked it, 3 = I liked it, 2 = It was okay, and 1 = I didn't like it.

So, yay!  Three stars means she liked it!  Liking is good!  I like it when people like my book! 

The thing is, though . . . did she really read it?  Or was she perhaps intending to rate one of the other 1.4 million books titled "Freefall"? 

It is my understanding that my ARCs are scarce.  Did they go out already?  Did this person on Goodreads receive one of them?  Or is this person a USPS employee or the friend or relative of one?  And if yes, I WANT MY ARC BACK NOW, PLEASE AND THANKS. 

It is likely that I'll never know the answer to these questions.  And that's okay.  It has to be okay because it's completely out of my control.  People are going to mistakenly add and rate my book.  Some are going to give ratings (on purpose even!) that might not be as positive as I would have hoped for.  It's the scary truth. 

And today just happens to be the first day that one of the hypotheticals for which I've been preparing myself became real.

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