I had a pretty busy day yesterday.  I visited family out of town and spent time with my niece, Ella:

Later in Tacoma, Ella and I had lunch with my husband, sister, mom, and grandma.   Then a few of us headed to Borders for Kimberly Derting's THE BODY FINDER launch party.  She did a short talk and reading, and there was a great turnout!  Mandy Hubbard and Phoebe Kitanidis (author of the forthcoming WHISPER) were there as well. 

Here's Phoebe and me waiting in line to get our books signed:

And here's me with Kimberly:


Later, my sister and I headed to Third Place Books where Carrie Ryan had a reading/signing.  This was my first time meeting Carrie.  I'm pretty sure I follow her on Twitter and FB, but I don't think we'd ever communicated directly.  Anyway, we have the same agent, which was my conversation lead in.  Carrie was SO TOTALLY NICE and even gave me a hug and posed for this picture:

I also got to meet book blogger Sarah of Sarah's Random Musings at Carrie's signing.  I don't have photographic evidence, but I think she might!  It was funny because Sarah and I had both been at Kimberly's event earlier in the day but didn't run into each other there because there were so many other people milling around.

After that, I saw my husband's band, Alabaster, play.  They had a great turnout, too!  (No pictures because I was tired of dragging my camera around by then.)

So all in all, a pretty eventful day, yeah?  Yeah!