Denise Jaden aka   is helping to organize a March writing challenge.   Check out for more information!

This challenge can be used in sort of a NaNoWriMo way if one desires, but my personal goals are not related to word count at all.  Instead, I plan to write 25 or more first-draft scenes for my newest WIP.  I figure that my full-length YA novels have around 50 scenes, so this will be half of what I need to finish a first draft. 

I'm not going to write this story chronologically, so in theory, these 25 scenes might end up being the equivalent of a completed first draft  containing a beginning, middle, and end.  Then what I'll need to do for draft 2 is organize, fill in the blanks, etc.

I'm not going to get too far ahead of myself with all this talk, though!  My goal is not to finish a draft.  It is to write 25 (or more) scenes. 

Today, in preparation for the coming month, I'm putting together my schedule and listing all my obligations for work and other stuff, so I can figure out exactly what I'll be doing this month to best prioritize my writing time. 

I'm also making a list of scenes that I anticipate this story needing.  I'm hoping to come up with more than 25 so that when the inspiration for certain scenes isn't there, I'll have lots of others to choose from.

This should be fun!  Maybe.  I hope. . .