I've chosen to give up a great many foods in my life.  A few examples:  at age 12, I gave up beef; age 16, all meat; age 18, caffeine; age 25, citrus. 

With all these things, I gave them up because of how they were making me feel. 

See, my mom stopped cooking meat at our house when I was seven years old.  During the summers or at other people's houses, I ate meat like crazy for a few years.  I loved me some hamburgers.  Oh, hamburgers!  But then I started eating them so rarely that my stomach became upset  on the rare occasions that I did.  I decided that I needed to step up on my cow consumption or give it up completely.  Perhaps it was laziness, but I chose the latter.

The same situation is true of chicken and turkey.  By eleventh grade, I was eating turkey on Thanksgiving only and chicken just occasionally at McDonald's.  And my stomach was unhappy on all of those occasions.  I went ahead and gave up fish, too, just because with the exception of tuna, I never really cared for it anyway.

The caffeine and soda, I gave up my first quarter in college.   I was taking a class called "Total Wellness."  I was also suffering from insomnia, and had been all through high school.  I discovered that when I gave up Coke and mochas for a class experiment, sleep came much easier for me.  Who knew, right?

The citrus I gave up because I was having allergic reactions.  After about two years of abstaining, I was able to very, very gradually add citrus back into my diet.  Now, citrus and I are great friends, once again.  Hooray!

Yesterday, I made an important decision:  today, I will give up Taco Time's crisp bean burritos.  Forever.


Beef is depicted in the above picture, but the bean version looks similar.  It's beans, cheese, and spices, wrapped in a tortilla and deep fried.  I order one of these about once every month or two or three--whenever I have a craving, really.  I get a side of ranch sour cream and dip the burrito into the dressing for every bite.  And then... for hours afterward, I feel like vomiting.


So, yeah.  I'm giving up the crisp bean burritos.  I am committed to taking not even a single bite if my husband orders one -- for at least a year -- because I don't want to fall back into that misery. 

My taste buds will be sad, but my stomach will thank me.  I have to go with the stomach on this because, you know, not doing so has worse side effects.