It's like this, I guess.  For months and months after getting a book deal you wait for a whole lot of nothing to happen.  And then, suddenly, there is so much to do that you don't know if you'll ever catch up.

I got to see a cover comp for FREEFALL yesterday.  The marketing peeps at Pulse are in heart with it, and I am, too!  I keep gazing at it, and am looking forward to getting to show everyone after it's finalized. 

My editor asked for my help with a cover tag line.  Which is not my forte.  I hope someone else comes up with something because I'm drawing a blank right now.

Today, I've been notified that I need to turn in my author photo and bio before January 20th if I want it in the catalog.  Even if I don't want to be in the catalog, they need it by February for the book cover.  Now I'm scrambling to get the contact info of the girl I want to take pictures, and I'm regretting like crazy that I didn't do this in the summer/early-fall when Seattle wasn't so gray and dead looking.  Sigh, sigh.  I have a certain look in mind, and I'm hopeful we can find an appropriate location. 

Oh, and I need to get my hair trimmed!  And a new outfit!  Quickly!

My website is in the works and has been since December.  As of yesterday (after seeing my cover for the first time), I am rethinking the pop-art look I wanted for it.  I don't want to the cover to dictate the look of the site, but I do think they should complement each other.  The book cover is too--I don't know--elegant and and stark and powerful to be set amongst wild colors and such.  I'm thinking now that I want to go back to my original Fiona-Apple-inspired idea.  I guess I'll need write content or something, too, huh?

Anyway.  Not to sound all complain-y.  Obviously, there are much worse problems I could have in the world.  I'm just stressing and trying to get shiznit done on time.