Wednesday 8am:  Mindi goes to dentist to get crown affixed.  Is told that due to a Situation, an immediate root canal is required.  Spends 4.5 hours between dentist and specialist's office.  Is prescribed Vicodin with instructions to "take one to two pills every four to six hours."

Wednesday 2:30pm:  Mindi takes one Vicodin along with soft/liquid foods.  Continues to experience lots of pain.  Does not feel the least bit stoned.

Wednesday 10pm:  Mindi takes another Vicodin along with soft/liquid foods.  Sleeps rather well and feels kind of floaty.

Thursday 5:30am:    Mindi wakes up, in pain again.  Takes a Vicodin with chocolate pudding and three glasses of water.  Goes back to bed.

Thursday 8:30am:  Mindi is up for the day, checks her email.  Feels like she's going to vomit.  Runs downstairs, lies down on kitchen floor (can't make it to the bathroom), calls for Husband who gives her yogurt and makes a bowl of Cream of Wheat.

Thursday 10:30am:  Feeling considerably better as the dizziness dissipates, but not better with the pain, Mindi takes half a Vicodin.  Husband drops her off downtown at the office where she fills in for a coworker.

Thursday 2:30pm:  Mindi needs to leave to catch a bus to work for another coworker at a different location, but she is dizzy again.  Feels like she's spinning.  She rushes to the bathroom and lies on the floor while waiting for nausea to pass. Two coworkers walk in and discover her there.  They start asking her all sorts of questions.  She insists that she's fine, just dizzy.  When the feeling has passed well enough that she can stand again, she leaves the bathroom, only to see six coworkers (including the previously mentioned two) standing in a group outside the bathroom, speaking quietly to one another. 

Thursday 2:45pm:  Mindi goes back to her seat and puts her head on her desk.  She feels frustrated and trapped.  There is no way she can walk anywhere, not without risking falling to the floor and/or vomiting.  There is nowhere she can lie down unless she wants to cause another scene.  She cannot ride the bus, much less walk all the way to the bus tunnel.  Finally, she calls to have her husband pick her up.  Mindi's manager offers to work Mindi's second part of her shift at the clinic because there is no one else available.  Two members of the HR department come down to speak with Mindi (obviously having been notified of The Bathroom Incident by someone), but Manager intercepts them and lets them know that Mindi is getting a ride and will be leaving soon.  Mindi starts feeling slightly less dizzy and sick, but extremely annoyed.

Thursday 3:30pm:  Husband arrives at the office.  Manager walks Mindi down to meet him.  During the drive home, Mindi finds that she feels almost normal again and opts to work her coworker's shift after all.  Fabulous Husband stays and helps her out for the next 4.5 hours.  Then they go home.

...That's mostly where the story ends.  Mindi did not take another Vicodin after that half tablet she took Thursday morning.  For a while, she was taking occasional doses of acetaminophen and ibuprofen (at the suggestion of a nurse), but switched to straight ibuprofen because (less extreme) dizziness and nausea still occurred with that combination.  Mindi finds it incredibly irritating that she didn't enjoy her Vicodin experience in the least. 

And now, she will discontinue writing about herself in the third person