I think most people who know me well know that I am not into kids books. Like, picture books and middle grade and stuff like that. Those just aren't my thing at all. And, in fact, I distinctly remember that only five weeks ago, I had a conversation with a MG author in which I said, "I could see myself going from YA to adult fiction before I'd write for a younger audience." (This was not said disparagingly in any way; I was just being honest.)

I really don't know what has happened to me, but suddenly I'm really, really interested in writing a series. Like upper MG or lower YA maybe?

I keep thinking of the books that I loved, loved, LOVED when I was growing up. For several years, I was really into series like SWEET VALLEY TWINS, SWEET VALLEY HIGH, THE BABYSITTERS CLUB, and THE NANCY DREW FILES.

I think what I found appealing about them was that they were easy, fun, and the characters were going through things to which I could relate. Wanting to get their ears pierced, liking boys, having arguments with friends, losing loved ones. And you know, even when I wasn't investigating murders or dying of a cocaine overdose (Regina Morrow, I'm looking at you!), the situations in these stories always felt real to me anyway. And the absolute best part was getting to keep reading about the same characters as the series continued to find out what was going to happen to them.

So. . . I don't know. I guess I've been feeling like that might be something I want to pursue. I mean, I'm definitely still about the dark YA. But if I can get a cool series idea together for younger readers, I'd love to have the opportunity to see what I can do with it as well.