Look, I'm still freaking out!  This one is more super-locked, though, just so you know.

There is something that has nagged at me forever and ever about my book:  Seth's friend Isaac was a piece of shit.  He treated Kendall horribly, he was selfish and reckless and stupid, and the truth is, other than the fact that Seth does care that Isaac's dead, there doesn't seem to be any evidence in the story that he should care.

Why doesn't Seth see Isaac's flaws?  Daniel saw them. Daniel couldn't stand Isaac.  Vicki Lancaster saw them.  Pretty much everyone saw them.  Even Kendall, who took Isaac back again and again, was able to see them in her own way.

I'm trying to figure out what Seth even liked about Isaac.  He was fun, I guess.  He was a decent guitar player.  He was always up for partying.  But why would Seth be so blind to the rest and constantly defend Isaac?  Why would Seth assume that everything was someone other than Isaac's fault?  Why is he always so surprised when he finds out some awful thing Isaac did to someone?   Seth does have a tendency to see what he wants to see, but why does he want to see Isaac as the good guy.  Would this be something that happens when a person feels guilty after someone dies?  In their mind, they turn the other person into someone who was a much better person than he really was?

Or am I not being fair to Isaac in only thinking about the bad things he did?  Maybe I need to think of some really good reasons why Seth and Kendall care about Isaac.

This is really bothering me.  I feel like I used to know the answers, but now I don't.